Sunday, November 21, 2010

About David


Growing up on the family farm in Wisconsin with his brothers and sister, David spent countless hours making up and acting through story-lines.  Hardly a weekend went by in which they weren't heroes of war, sports legends, or captives stranded on an island.  This pleasure in storytelling plays a large part in the reason David is a Communication Arts Major.  In his own words, "I grew up pushing the bounds of my imagination, and hope to continue exploring the layers of imagined consciousness throughout my future." 

David's Artist Statement:

I chose to create this screenplay because I spent the last semester writing it but felt it could be improved.  Still in an academic setting of scholars, I chose to get what input I could from those around me as I seek to write a more complete story and hear reasons they find it incomplete, and ways in which they believe it could be improved.  I was motivated by my storytelling desire.  I feel stories are the best way to pose questions to a mass audience because if successful, it ensures the questions will be talked about.  The only background story to this story is the curiosity of the question, "who will care for my children if I die?"   In the writing of this piece, I tried to think of how to orchestrate a demise to a chick-flick that a guy would be interested in seeing, while also posing a question to the audience that must be considered.